Take That, Elf!

Director, DP, Editor, Colorist

Elves are the worst, or so says We Are Royale. The company was developing an Augmented Reality app that allowed you to beat the crap out of the most sniveling, meth'd-up Elf you can imagine, and it absolutely required an instructional video. 

I wanted to make the anti-commercial, one that pokes fun of those commercials where a Swiffer is left on the porch of a family and it brings everyone together. No, I wanted a nice lady to realize she may be a sociopath. 

The infuriatingly talented and funny Nicole Starrett encapsulated the vision perfectly. Ali Petre took time away from HGTV to oversee the look of the spot to ensure it was as squeaky clean as possible and just screamed "this lady laughs alone while eating salad." 

Check out the We Are Royale case study here. 

Groupon - Family

Asset Photographer

Groupon - Cooking

Asset Photographer

Groupon - Beauty

Asset Photographer

Groupon - Apparel

Asset Photographer

Oculus Touch - Reach Out

Assistant Editor, Production Coordinator

Oculus - Touch

Oculus - Climb

Oculus - Edge of Nowhere

Oculus - Lucky's Tale

Assistant Editor, Production Coordinator

Genesis G90 Brand Launch Video

Assistant Director

Client: Hyundai USA
Employer: Innocean Worldwide
Creative Director: Dave McClain
Director: Alex Frankel
1st AD: Isaac Ruth
Producer: Patty Lum
Art Director: Jackie Barkhurst
Copywriter: Erica Henderson
DP: Ryan Speers
1st AC: Michelle Kwong
G&E: Erica Chan
G&E: Kyle Klebe
G&E: Chris Wehba
G&E: Guillermo Dorado
Audio: The Music Collective
Role: Director, Editor, Compositor, Colorist

2016 Hyundai Tucson Reveal

Augmented Reality Calendar

Videographer. Assistant Editor

From client website: "Bored with those traditional 2015 Calendars that just sit there on your desk, staring you in the face like you forgot some aunt’s birthday and it’s your fault she moved to Cincinnati? We are too. So we made the 2015 AR Calendar. Every calendar month is designed and built by the fine folks here at We Are Royale. Each month has an augmented reality experience you can access with the app that extends the card with interactive bonuses. It won’t bring your aunt back from Cincinnati - but it will entertain you more than those calendars with those inspirational quotes on them.

Visit weareroyale.com/arcalendar to download and view the 2015 calendar."

The Suffering Trailer


A property appraiser fights for his sanity when he's trapped on a rural farm inhabited by sinister beings overseen by a mysterious caretaker.


Director/Co-Writer: Robert Hamilton
Executive Producer/Co-Writer: Marco Scola
Producer: Marco Scola, Brandon Rose, Robert Hamilton, Ian Coyne
Cinematographer: David Newbert
Editor: Ryan Liebert
Trailer Editor: Isaac Ruth & Robert Hamilton

Broken Gardenias


From client website: "Broken Gardenias is a dark comedy about Jenni, an orphaned semi-savant, who with the help of a street hustler named Sam, steal a car and head to Los Angeles to find Jenni's father, whom she hasn't seen or heard from since she was 6."

More info at http://www.brokengardenias.com/

Ben & Jerry's - Topped

Editor, Production Coordinator