It Crawled In Through The Window

Nicole and Mark have horrifying pillow-talk.

What the Cat Dragged In

An absurdly dark comedy about loneliness, isolation, a cat, and realizing your destiny

I Know What You Did Last Spring Break

Classic 80's horror with a 21st century twist. 


Starring Nicole Starrett and Adam Murray. 

A Matter of Propriety

Writer. Director. Editor

After being kidnapped by the Irish mob, David Mercer must summon all of his street smarts to survive. But when confronted by the leader, Father Fahey (Bill Raymond of The Wire, Lincoln, and Damages), a man unlike the others, he realizes he may be in too deep.

It isn't personal, it's a matter of propriety.

Official Selection Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts


©Truly Brave Films 2013

"A Matter of Propriety" RED BAND Trailer

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NSFW language. 

The Whispers in the Walls

Writer. Director. Editor. Colorist

In an effort to rejuvenate their failing romance, Brian and Jane find an isolated house in the woods that needs to be looked after for 3 days while the owners are gone. However, as the 3rd day approaches, the couple realizes that the house, and its owners, are not what they seem.

© Truly Brave Films 2012

"The Whispers in the Walls" trailer

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