My Dumb Broken Brain (and the doodles that come from it)

At some point something happened that caused me to put down the likes of "Peter Rabbit's Happy Tales of Whimsy" and pick up "The Far Side." I blame my brother for that one time he made me eat a spoonful of Chinese mustard. Didn't like it at all, but in that moment of utter horrible panic I realized that the world was a dark place and sometimes things just don't work out. Also I'm not confident anyone at the Chinese restaurant knew the Heimlich. 

And thus began my doodles. What started as an education-tampering-distraction grew into an unexpected phenomenon, and before I knew it I was getting commissioned for my Misfortunate Animals series, wherein animals have developed existential people problems. The following is a collection of some of those pieces, some more established, some post-it sketches, all kinda weird.