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'A Quiet Place' Debuts Its Final Trailer

Color me absolutely bouncing off my seat for this one. The past few years have been very good to the horror genre, even to the point that people have found it necessary to argue whether a horror movie is actually a horror movie. Somehow modern audiences have a hard time justifying that a horror movie can actually be challenging, surprising, unique, and well directed. I have gripes, but I'll save that for another time. 

John Krasinski has done a remarkable job graduating from his role from The Office to become an astoundingly versatile actor and director, roles which he puts on very affective display for A Quiet Place, alongside his consistently captivating co-star Emily Blunt. 

The trailers so far have done an excellent job selling the world these characters live in, and the concept has me frothing at the mouth. A world where everyone must keep completely silent lest they be heard by something horrible in the woods. Ugh, yes please.

If this is the first trailer you've seen for A Quiet Place I recommend leaving it at that. A few of the others reveal a bit too much for my taste, one scene in particular is an astounding study in tension and it's a shame the climax of it shows up in the previous trailer. 

Keep a look out in theaters on April 6th.