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Now Listen - 'Annihilation' soundtrack by Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow

Welcome to Now Listen, a (hopefully) recurring segment devoted to the soundtracks of film and television. 

As a writer, I often find it helpful to have a strong collection of soundtracks to bubble up some inspiration. As a companion piece to my recent review of Annihilation, I highly encourage other artists to give a listen to its soundtrack. It relies a bit more heavily on tones rather than melodies or fugues, but I've found it wildly useful while working on a couple darker projects. 

Fans of the movie may notice a section of the score is missing, which is a shame as it's coming at what could easily be my favorite moment in the film. To say what scene would give away a massive spoiler, but it's a particularly mind-bending moment towards the end. This features The Mark - Interlude by Moderat, curated for the film and technically not a part of its original soundtrack. It's short, but feel free to give it a listen below. 

And who's to forget Helplessly Hoping by Crosby, Stills & Nash? Expertly utilized within the film to illicit dual meanings (the lyrics are at first melancholic, but in hindsight are malevolent once the film is over), there's never a bad time to give a listen to what is arguably one of the greatest folk songs ever written.