What happens when a dog wishes he could be a human and makes it halfway there.


Screenwriter, filmmaker, avid doodler.

My first dream was to find a living dinosaur. My second was to make a living as a filmmaker. One dream down, one to go. 

I live, eat, and breathe all things film and television. When in the middle of a serious project I tend to watch 5-7 films a week in order to prepare and get into the mindset of a specific genre and better understand how different writers and directors work. I'm an avid fan of a good film or television trailer, not necessarily because of the medium, but because a well made trailer is an art form in itself and can be the difference between gaining or losing an audience. When left to my own devices I've found that I have incredibly strong storytelling instincts, something which has taken years to hone and understand. This confidence, when matched with my ambition as a storyteller, makes me feel more than prepared to take on any project. 

Whether I'm writing a feature, editing a trailer, coordinating a commercial delivery, or acting as a camera op/sound mixer/gaffer/grip all at once, I understand what it takes to make it in this industry and the drive needed to stand out in a world saturated with freelancers. 

Feel free to visit my site or find me on the Blacklist, where you can read my most current work on the Top Scripts list.

I also make a mean fried fish taco.